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Food & Wine Tours / Ocio Vital

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Eva Linares, Incoming Director
Food & Wine Tours / Ocio Vital

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We offer a different product in Spain, unique and exclusive Food & Wine experiences, tours & trips with an orientation towards a highly personalized, independent service for groups, companies & independent travellers.

We propose location, we can make hotel bookings and deal with all the organizational and administrative requirements. Our added value is the possibility to combine these business activities with experiences created around food & wine.

Team building / competitions: Casino gourmet, gastronomic competition, gastronomic treasure hunt, the wine game (strategy), Challenges (This highly informative tastings blend a host of surprising information with challenge, participation and a good slice of humour) and activities in the vines

Gastronomic activities: Top quality food, exotic cuisine or culinary fusions are not sufficient any more… we have more: new places where to enjoy delicacies, new ways of eating, new products to taste, new food & wine related activities… walking tours, cooking classes, wine days, wine nights, food & wine pairings

Gourmet tastings: Experience with us new sensations of the palate and delights to the senses! It"s about sharing the experience of wine and food among friends. It"s about learning to appreciate the finer things in life in a friendly environment.

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